Get Started with Streaming

# 1

Choose Your Ideal Internet Speed

First, you need to make sure you’ll have enough bandwidth for streaming in addition to your family’s other internet activities. Call us for guidance (563) 374-1236 to calculate the ideal internet speed for your household. Or, click here for our residential speed packages.

# 2

Review Your Streaming Service Options

To begin or expand your streaming experience, your next task is to explore your streaming service options. Some paid-subscription services offer live TV viewing (with or without on-demand content) and can replace traditional TV plans, while others feature only on-demand movies and series. On a budget? Check out free streaming services. For details on popular choices, click on the links below.

# 3

Find, Purchase, and Connect the Right Device

If you have a smart TV, it should be ready to stream right out of the box. No smart TV? No problem! You’ll just need to purchase and set up a streaming device like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick, which will enable streaming on older televisions. You can also stream on your smartphone, tablet, and computer in addition to your TV!

Fire TV Stick

Google Chromecast

Apple TV

# 4

Sign Up for Streaming Services

Most streaming services offer a free trial period and have only a 30-day minimum commitment. This makes it easy to try out different services and cancel the services you don’t find yourself using or enjoying. Click on the links below to go to the sites for information including pricing, terms, and specials or to sign up and start your subscription.